0. Table of Contents

0     Table of Contents

1     Introduction

2     Licensing

3     Debugging and enhancements

4     Stores

5     Advertising

6     Analytics

7     Other services

1. Introduction

Most of our apps simply do not collect and/or transmit any uniquely identifying information about you or your device at all. But some of them do, mostly by way of third party components.

Please note that none of our apps structurally collect and transmit privacy sensitive data to our own servers. That's simply not something we want to do or be associated with. If any privacy sensitive information is used at all, it is generally gathered by code provided by a third party, and transmitted to their servers. In by far most cases it is Google who both provides the code as well as receives (and processes and/or stores) the information. Google's generic pricacy policy can be found here.

This page is the same for all our apps, so all the situations sketched here should be seen as the worst case scenario if you use all of our apps together.

2. Licensing

To check if you have a valid license for a paid app or in-app purchases, your device's serial number, IMEI, ESN, a (semi-)unique number generated at first install time, or your store account name, may be transmitted and checked against. However, for most of our apps all of this is handled (if checked at all) by the store application rather than the app itself, so please see the stores section below.

3. Debugging and enhancements

Crash reports sent in for debugging, as well as device dumps you send us for functionality improvements, may include privacy sensitive information such as your device's serial number, IMEI, ESN, and other unique identifiers.

4. Stores

The stores you download and install our apps from may track all sorts of privacy sensitive information. While that is not directly related to our apps, our apps may request the store to verify if you own a valid license, which in turn may cause the store application to gather and transmit privacy sensitive information to the store's servers. Please consult the policies of the store you use to download our apps from (if any).

5. Advertising

Apps that are ad-supported may collect and transmit all sorts of privacy sensitive information to be able to show you targeted adds. This may include (but is not limited to) unique identifiers for tracking purposes (personal name, account names, device identifiers, etc) and location information.

The ad package used (if any) is AdMob by Google. Please see their policies for further information.

6. Analytics

Apps that use analytics may collect and transmit all sorts of privacy sensitive information to be able to track how you are using the app, so we know which functionality is most important for us to focus on.

The analytics package used (if any) is Google Mobile App Analytics. Please see their policies for further information.

7. Other services

Apps may use third party services that need privacy senstivite information to be able to function (such as Google Maps, which uses at least your location data).

Google Play Services is a third party service we occasionally use. Please see its privacy policy for further information. Please note that some platforms (such as Amazon's) actively proxy some of Google's APIs and may thus collect, transmit, and store information differently than described in Google's policy.